Doctoral Admission


Doctoral (PhD) degree-seeking applicants must hold a master’s degree or equivalent from an accredited university in a related field or area.

For Doctoral (PhD) degree-seeking applicants currently in their final semester of a master’s program, please submit an official letter from your thesis supervisor affirming both the expected date of the thesis defense and/or completion of all requirements for the master’s degree and the date on which the degree will be officially conferred.

Supporting Documentation

1. Completed Application Form

Applicants must submit a completed application form, which includes attachment of a passport-sized photograph where indicated in the form instructions.

2. Application Fee Payment

Applicants residing within Thailand are required to pay an Application Fee of 300 Baht (payable in Thai currency, cash only) either in person or by an appointed representative at the International Relations Office located on the 3rd Floor of the President’s Building, Mahasarakham University main campus.

Please note that applicants residing outside of Thailand are NOT required to pay the 300 Baht application fee at the time of application submission; however, payment of application fee will be required upon applicant’s arrival to the MSU campus to take up residence and begin studies.

3. Official Transcript(s)

Graduate program applicants must submit official university/college transcripts. Please note that photocopies of transcripts are not acceptable and transcripts must include course grades.

4. Proof of Graduation

Applicants must submit proof of graduation by submitting one of the following:

  • College/university issued graduation diploma/certificate or an official letter (original).
  • A photocopy of diploma/certificate that has been certified or notarized by school office or public notary.
  • An official (original) transcript indicating degree received and date of conferral.

5. Proof of English Proficiency

Applicants whose native language is not English must submit an official TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) or IELTS (International English Language Testing System) score with their application. This test should be taken not more than five years before the application date. Please note that this requirement is waived for applicants who have obtained a degree from an institution where all their courses were taught in English with English being the official medium of instruction.

6. Letters of Recommendation

Doctoral (PhD) degree-seeking applicants should include one letter of recommendation from their master’s thesis supervisor and submit a copy of your master’s thesis or equivalent research paper with your application. An applicant who does not have a master’s thesis may (optionally) submit research papers that s/he wrote during their master’s candidacy. If the thesis/papers are in a language other than English, a detailed summary in English should be included. The summary should include the main argument and conclusion, research methods and analytical techniques deployed and descriptions of each chapter/section.

7. Statement of Purpose

All applicants must submit a statement of purpose that gives a clear idea of the applicant’s study goals and capacity to pursue them and explain how the degree fits into the applicant’s career plans. For Graduate Program Applicants the statement of purpose should also clearly outline the applicant’s proposed dissertation topic, capacity to pursue it and in addition, how the degree fits into the applicant’s future career plans and goals.

8. Proof of Financial Support

All applicants must submit evidence of sufficient financial resources in the form of an official bank statement and/or a letter of financial support. Students receiving a scholarship should provide a letter from the supporting organization showing details of support provided. Self-funding students must provide proof of their ability to support themselves financially for the duration of their study program. Anticipated cost of fees and living expenses for undergraduate program students would be approximately THB 130,361.05 per year while graduate program students would be approximatelyTHB 211,836.71 per year.

9. Proof of Health Insurance

In order to ensure students have access to health care at all times, Mahasarakham University requires all enrolled and exchange students to carry health insurance unless a student can provide evidence of comparable insurance coverage. Students unable to provide such evidence are required to purchase a local health insurance upon your arrival from a Mahasarakham University based insurance company.

*Application documents and any supporting documents printed in languages other than English or Thai are required be translated into English and certified by a school official, an official agency, an embassy or consulate.

Application Procedures

1. Online Application Submission

Online Application is available for your convenience, APPLY NOW!

2. Email Application Submission

Applicants can apply via Email by sending a completed application form (with required supporting documents) to or Ms. Pakpilai Wongla :

3. Postal Application Submission

Applicants can apply by printing and mailing a completed application form (with required supporting documents) to the following address:

Mahasarakham University
International Relations Office (International Admissions)
41/20 Khamriang Sub-District, Kantarawichai District
Maha Sarakham 44150 THAILAND

4. Walk-In Application

Applicants can apply directly to the International Relations Office located on the 3rd Floor of the President’s Building, Mahasarakham University. Tel. +664 375-4241

Application Deadlines

Graduate students may submit their application at anytime. Accepted graduate program applicants may then commence study at any time of the year but official coursework will commence in August (Term 1) and January (Term 2) each year. (For Academic Year 2014)

Download application forms

Graduate Student Application Form

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